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What To Wear To A Photoshoot ?

Clothing Suggestions For Your Portrait Photography Session.

The selection of proper clothing for your portrait is a critical factor in the preparation for a successful portrait. If the clothing is noticeable or overbearing in a portrait, it could easily become a distraction. Clothing that does not attract attention to itself is the ultimate goal. It could be the difference between a very successful portrait and just another picture. You may be asked to change your clothing selection before I take your portraits if you do not follow these basic guidelines.

Dark clothing tends to slenderize.

Darker clothing helps to blend the bodies with the background, so that the faces are the most important part of the photograph. Dark colors definitely tend to slenderize the subject.

Tone down bright colours.

Bright colors attract attention away from the face and may be reflective. Avoid wearing red, bright pink, bright green etc. When choosing lighter colors, stick to pastels, but avoid pink tones. Pale yellow and pale blue work well, especially with jeans or kaki pants. These colours work great in nature for example, if you have a sunset photography session booked in.

Light clothing can look beautifully fresh.

If you are worried about not appearing slender then it is safer to avoid white. White can look beautifully simple and fresh. White shirts and/or blouses under a dark jacket are perfect.

Prints and patterns are a definite NO.

This includes logos. Avoid prints of any kind and patterns. No matter how small the print or the pattern, it will become a distraction. In the case of digital portraits, in particular, small patterns in clothing (even a small herring-bone or checkered pattern) can cause terrible distortions to appear in the portrait that are not originally there.

Avoid short sleeve clothing and short pants.

Long sleeved clothing is a MUST! For casual portraits it is equally important to wear long pants instead of shorts. When arms and legs are exposed to the camera there will be more flesh in the photograph in those areas than on the face, itself. This is a major distraction.

Don’t over accessorise!

Overbearing or heavily noticeable accessories can be a major distraction. Simple and minimal works best.

Group / family portrait sessions.

Keep your clothing simple and coordinating. It must be carefully selected to blend the bodies together. Avoid loud or busy patterns and large logos. Solid colors are best. First, decide whether the basic tone of the clothing will be warm-toned (browns, etc.) or cool-toned (blues/grays/blacks, etc.) Then, make sure to follow all of the above instructions. Keeping a group in similar colors focuses the attention of the portrait to the faces and individuals that make up the portrait. Dissimilar colors in groups tend to be more distracting. White tops with khakis or jeans can look very nice and casual, but if anyone in your family is super pale, white can make pale skin look paler. Jeans are the timeless choice and they’re great for fun, casual pictures because they are flattering and don’t show wrinkles or panty lines. Lighter shirts on top give the pictures a more casual and bright look. Pastels are also usually appealing because they enhance natural skin tones. Black or other dark shirts on top give the portraits a more serious and thoughtful feel (not to mention that black is slimming). Everyone should have color-coordinated outfits (Not a uniform necessarily, but there should be a theme). For the children, choose outfits that fit well without a lot of “growing room”. Jeans / khaki’s and white or black tops are always very nice for a family portrait.


The goal is to show off that adorable baby bump, I prefer to do maternity on a solid black or white backdrop. Black, from head to toe is usually good (a flowing white outfit can also look great). A simple black or white (or both!) button down top in which the bottom area can be unbuttoned easily to expose your belly works best. Please encourage the father (and your children if you have others) to come along if you wish (they should also dress in solid black or white). Several poses with your hands showing will be taken, so be sure to remove any jewelry that you do not want in the pictures (some women want to have their wedding ring in the picture, others do not.

Most prefer to remove their wrist watch). If you know you are having a boy or a girl and/or know what your baby will be named please let me know that info as well. Finally, be assured that I will not ask you to leave your comfort zone. I don’t want to ask you to do anything that you are uncomfortable with. Please be up-front in regards to what you would like, and are willing to do. I promise that we will do very graceful and tasteful posing for your pictures.

Newborns and Babies.

95% of the time, photographs of newborns and babies look best in their natural element i.e…their birthday suits! If you want them to be photographed with clothes, solid colors usually work best. Of course if you have that amazing outfit that you would love a photograph of, include it. Bare feet are a must. Feel free to bring any kind of prop that you want included. I prefer parents to dress in solid black from head to toe so that I can get the creative shots you are looking for.

Toddlers and Kids.

I am a very casual person and I prefer to photograph children that way as well. Typically, my style of photography does not work well for traditional clothing or traditional portraits. Try to leave the “Sunday Best” at home. Solid colors work best. Bright and fun and funky bring out a whimsical side while Khaki’s, blue jeans, and white shirts are for more serious captures. A pretty dress is always beautiful for little girls. Don’t forget hats, sunglasses, boots, blankets, jackets, etc. can be great to show personality and bring out their silly side. Feel free to bring any other prop or comfort item that you want to include.



Yes, a professional makeup artist is highly advised unless you are trained in doing makeup. Think of your photo shoot as the next stepping stone to your career. Our makeup artists are professionally trained and friendly. The makeup artist, who stays with you from start to finish, will provide you with a full makeup application, prepare and maintain your camera-ready hair by adding curls, straighten it, add volume, etc… when you arrive, and make sure your clothes are in place. We ask that you style your hair at home before arriving. This is an important step as it will ensure your photos will look the most like you. If you would like to use your own makeup artist, please let us know at the time of your booking.


If your skin is perfect, then you don’t need a makeup artist. If you have problematic skin, then an artist is advised. If you plan to shave but haven’t shaved in a long time, the skin under your beard may be lighter due to lack of sun exposure. The makeup artist can balance out your skin tone and blemishes. Our makeup artists maintain your hair and make sure your clothes are in place until the end of your session.


A makeup artist is advised for teenagers who are experiencing the natural changes into adulthood to hide blemishes and other impurities that will show up on the camera. If the teenager has flawless skin, then an artist is not necessary.


Most agents want kids to look like kids in their head shots, so a makeup artist is not always necessary. Younger kids with perfect skin do not need a makeup artist; however, parents should use their own discretion for those with blemishes or discolorations. Parents who opt to shoot without a makeup artist should bring lip balm or gloss, powder to hide shine, and mascara for the upper eye lashes.

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